The spring travel season is about to jump off with an explosive weekend of premier basketball at the annual NY2LA Sports Swish 'N Dish Spring Warm-Up event this weekend, April 4th - April 6th. Teams are set and a power-filled pack of squads will embark on the Milwaukee (WI) area with high goals and aspirations of ending the weekend as champions, and beginning their grassroots season on the right foot.  The tournament will tip off this evening and run throughout the weekend with championships tipping off late Sunday afternoon.  It is open to the general public to attend all weekend long...

Here's a quick look at the teams set to compete and additional information on #SND2K14...




The 17U/11th Grade Platinum and Elite brackets headline the weekend and the docket is absolutely loaded. All-Ohio Red, D-Rose, DTA Devin Harris Superstars, Full Package Connor, Gateway Basketball, IL Rising Stars Elite, Illinois Irish, Illinois Stars, Illinois Wolves, Inland Empire, Iowa Barnstormers, Kingdom Hoops Elite, Louisville Magic, Mac Irvin, Meanstreets, Milwaukee Spartans, Net Gain Sports, Playground Elite-Wilson, Pocket City Basketball, REACH Legends, St. Louis Eagles, SW Illinois Jets, SYF Players, Team NLP MM, WI Blizzard-Pronschinske, WI Playground Warriors, WI Shooters and WI United round out the Platinum bracket. This promises to be some of the hottest action yet with stars, emerging standouts and talented teams primed to face one another throughout the weekend.

The Elite bracket also looks to be set to go for some dynamite basketball with tough teams and gifted players going head-to-head all weekend. Chicago Demons, D.A.Y.O.N.E., DB Hoops Baum, Full Package Mayne, Full Package Walker, Illinois Flyers, Illinois Future, Illinois Old School Melton, Illinois Rising Stars Premier, Illinois Select, Illinois Spartans, Illinois Wolverines, Kessel Heat, Kingdom Hoops Black, Kingdom Hoops Red, Lakeshore Lakers, Missouri Impact, Playground Elite McCain, Sherman Park Elite, Team NLP-TL, WI Blizzard Boots, WI Blizzard Emery, WI Blizzard Schneider, WI Crusaders, WI Dynasty, WI Jets, WI Swing Smith and Young Legends
fill out the field.

IBA Select, Chicago Lockdown, IL Celtics, Team Ramey, IL Old School-McBride, WI Academy-Robinson, Quad City Elite and WI Swing-Gibbs are some more featured teams that will play-in on Friday to join the different 17U brackets as well.

The 16U Level also brings its share of power with strong Platinum and Elite brackets taking flight Friday-Sunday as well. In the Platinum bracket is former 15U champions WI Academy-Hauser who will be chased by some stiff competition in All-Ohio Red, Chicago Lockdown, DTA, Full Package, Gateway, IL Irish, IL Celtics, Iowa Barnstormers, Illinois Old School, Louisville Magic, Kingdom Hoops Elite, Mac Irvin, Meanstreets, St. Louis Eagles, Milwaukee Spartans, Playground Elite, Pocket City, Net Gain Sports, Ray Allen Select, Quad City Elite-Orange, REACH Legends, Scottie Pippen Rising Stars, SYF, Team NLP, WI Swing, TP-Elite, WI Blizzard-Kuranda, WI Shooters and WI United.

Competing in the 16U Elite bracket are the following teams... Missouri Impact, MN Lockdown, Chicago Demons, Court Sense Academy, Full Package-Mayne, Green Bay Gunners, WI Dynasty, WI Jets, Kessel Heat, Iowa Dynasty, Illinois Future, Illinois Spartans, IBYU Illinois Heat, Illinois Wolverines, Playground Elite squads, SYF-Smith, Randolph Boys Club, Iowa Battlers teams, WI Academy-Nelson, WI X-Press, WI Swish Blue & White teams, WI Rap, The Athlete Within, WI Playmakers, WI Crusaders and WI Prospects Elite.

The 15U draw is also stocked full with quality programs ready to take action this spring. Teams playing in this bracket will all vie to make the Platinum bracket by winning their first games. All-Ohio Red, Chicago Select, D-Rose, ET12 Buckeyes, Full Package-Pirshin, Gateway Basketball, Illinois Irish, Illinois Rising Stars Elite White, Illinois Wolves, Iowa Barnstormers, Kingdom Hoops Elite, Louisville Magic, Mac Irvin, Meanstreets-Anderson, Meanstreets-Cundiff, Milwaukee Running Rebels, Playground Elite, Pocket City, Quad City Elite, Randolph Boys Club, Ray Allen Select, REACH Legends, St. Louis Eagles, SW Illinois Jets, SYF Players, Team NLP, TP Elite, WI Academy-Hauser, WI Playground Warriors, WI Playmakers White, WI Shooters-White and WI Swing. The 15U set is bound to be electric again this year.

15U Pool games will also be taking place this weekend with IL Old School, Real Athletics, WI Blizzard-Shabo, Chicago Lockdown, MN Lockdown, Ultimate Team Sports, St. Louis Wolves, Playground Elite, Full Package-Moragne, Kingdom Hoops-Red, WI Crusaders Elite, Kessel Heat, Court Sense Academy-Blue, Chicago Demons, WI Shooters-Red, WI Attack, WI Academy-Slaby, IL Wolverine, Sherman Park Elite, WI Swish, Illinois Future, WI Rap, Full Package Select-Pirshin, WI Crusaders Region Elite, IL Spartans, IL Rising Stars Elite, Court Sense Academy-Orange and Hoops4Health, all looking to advance.

At the Showcase 14U and 13U levels we again get the chance to see some of the GNBA teams set the pace for the field while also getting a glimpse of some other young prospect from different programs looking to make the leap this year. 14U teams in attendance will be 43 Hoops, All-Ohio Red, Chicago Select, ET12 Buckeyes, Full Package, Future Elite, Gateway Basketball, Illinois Irish, Indiana Elite Phenoms, Iowa Barnstormers-Gold, Iowa Mavericks, Kessel Heat Black, Kingdom Hoops Elite, Mac Irvin Fire, Mac Irvin Fire 2018, Meanstreets, Milwaukee Running Rebels, Milwaukee Spartans, Quad City Elite, Ray Allen Select, REACH Legends, Scottie Pippen Rising Stars, SYF Players, Team Ramey-Black, Team Ramey Elite, W.I.T.T.S. Elite, WI Playground Warriors, WI Playmakers-Malone, WI Shooters, WI United, Yanders Law and the Young Legends.

There is also a solid 14U Pool set with teams like A2P Region Elite, Playground Elite, IL Speed, Peoria Soldiers, DTA, Green Bay Storm, Butler Elite, Madison Spartans, The Athlete Within, IL Old School, WI Academy, Team Iowa Red, Champaign Wolverines, WI Crusaders, WI Playmakers-Knudson, IL Future, Iowa Dynasty, WI Rap, WI Ballers, Kingdom Hoops-Black, Windy City Trendsetters, Kingdom Hoops-Red, Kessel Heat Platinum and WI Hoops Select.

Competing in the talented 13U bracket are teams such as 43 Hoops, Bayshore Bombers, Chicago Select, Full Package, Future Elite, Gateway Basketball, Great Lakes Ballers, Hoopology, Illinois Future, Illinois Irish, Iowa Barnstormers, Iowa Flight, Kessel Heat, Kingdom Hoops Elite, Kingdom Hoops Red, Mac Irvin, Madison Spartans, Milwaukee Spartans, Net Gain Sports, Playground Elite-Mattox, Playground Elite-Tipton, Ray Allen Select, Region Elite, Scottie Pippen Rising Stars, Team Ramey, Team Sizzle, WI Ballers, WI Crusaders, WI RAP, WI United, Windy City Trendsetters and Yanders Law.

Both ages should be fun to watch again, as many of the GNBA teams brought the heat in the Session 1 event and more teams will look to show their abilities as well.

At the younger levels, the Swish N Dish will be a prime showcase to get a taste of the action this spring and see where they can develop throughout the travel season. WI United, Illinois Wolves, Iowa Barnstormers, WI Playground Warriors, Net Gain Sports, Future Elite, Team Sizzle, Kingdom Hoops, Ray Allen Select, Full Package, Gateway Basketball, Mac Irvin, WI Shooters, IL Rising Stars, Milwaukee Spartans, ET12 Buckeyes, Team Ramey, Playground Elite, Yanders Law, Kessel Heat, Butler Elite, Kingdom Hoops-Red, Windy City Trendsetters, MN Basketball Academy, Playground Elite-North and the Cougars will square off in their various matchups at the 12U Level.

11U teams competing are as follows... IL Rising Stars Elite, Top Flight, WI Swing, Playground Elite, Illinois Rise, Kessel Heat, Ray Allen Select, Kingdom Hoops Elite, IL Speed, WI Playground Warriors, Gateway Basketball, IL Predators, Iowa Barnstormers, WI Shooters, Milwaukee Spartans, All-Ohio Red, Team Sizzle, Hoops4Health, Region Elite, WI Crusaders, WI Playmakers and WI Elite.

While the field is a little smaller at the 10U level, the games promise to be swishing as All-Ohio Red, IL Rising Stars Elite, WI United, Kingdom Hoops Elite, Team Sizzle, WI Shooters, WI Blizzard, Junior Varsity, Bray Center, Top Flight, Great Lakers Ballers, IL Old School, Kessel Heat and WI Crusaders take the court.

In the 9U age bracket, the teams competing and seeing what it is like to compete on the travel circuit are All-Ohio Red, Kingdom Hoops Elite, Ray Allen Select, WI United, IL Rising Stars Elite, WI Crusaders, Team Sizzle, WI Shooters, WI United 2024, Playground Elite, IL Predators and the Great Lakes Ballers.

Stay tuned to NY2LASPORTS.COM for information and updates on the 2014 Swish 'N Dish Spring Warm-Up all weekend long...