The 10th annual NY2LA Sports Swish ‘N Dish is set to hit the hardwood this weekend in Wisconsin and once again it promises to offer up an explosive weekend of exciting competition up and down the 9u-17u divisions.  The action will tip off Friday night and it will run throughout the weekend at various gyms throughout the greater Milwaukee are.  The general public is welcome to attend.

Here’s quick look at the teams set to compete this weekend…


Mac Irvin Fire EYBL, St. Louis Eagles EYBL, All-Ohio Red EYBL, Quad City Elite, All-In Athletics BRIM, Wisconsin Swing Litscher, Pocket City Basketball, Playground Elite EYBL, Illinois Celtics, Milwaukee Spartans, Illinois Express, Net Gain Sports, King James Shooting Stars EYBL, Full Package Walker, Iowa Barnstormers, Wisconsin Academy, SW Illinois Jets, All-In Athletics Pryor, Playground Elite Blue, Kessel Heat Black, Kingdom Hoops Elite, Full Package Mayne, WI Dynasty, Illinois Irish Elite, Playground Elite Black, Chicago Lockdown, RAS Milwaukee, Illinois Future, IL Rising Stars Elite, Young Legends/TP Elite, WI Playmakers Boll, Tri-City Thunder, WI Playground Warriors, Iowa Battlers Phillips, DTA, Green Bay Gunners South, WI Shooters, WI Jets, IL Rebels, Team Ramey, All Ohio Black, B&B Basketball Club, Yanders Law Blue, Hoopers Basketball Club, Dayton Nets, Team NLP, ET21 Buckeyes, WI Swing Bredesen, B&B Basketball Black, Iowa Battlers Moore, B&B Elite Green, Full Package Wisconsin, Next Level 24 Elite, Yanders Law White, Illinois Irish Select, Midwest Tarheels Select, Illinois Magic, Team Supreme, Kessel Heat Platinum, Playground Elite White, Impact Basketball, Kingdom Hoops Red, Big 3 Basketball, Devil Dogs

Mac Irvin Fire EYBL, WI Playground Warriors, All Ohio Red EYBL, WI Playmakers White, St. Louis Eagles EYBL, Playground Elite EYBL, All-In Athletics/Y&R, Pocket City Basketball, NESYB, Kingdom Hoops Elite, Illinois Stars, Iowa Barnstormers, Wisconsin United, Full Package Black Pirshin, Ohio Basketball Club, Quad City Elite, WI Playmakers Gaddis, Illinois Irish Elite, Illinois Rising Stars Elite, Midwest Xpress, Wisconsin Swing Litscher, Full Package Moragne, Iowa Wolves, Chicago Lockdown, Cincinnati Lakers, Young Legends/TP Elite, Hammond Hurricanes, Kessel Heat Black, Milwaukee Rebels, Illinois Irish Select, Hoopers Basketball Club, Full Package McCray, WI Jets, Full Package Neon Pirshin, Fitzsimmons Magic, Illinois Old School, Playground Elite Hudson, Illinois Celtics, Illinois Ballers, RAS Milwaukee, Wisconsin Academy, Illinois Icemen, Wisconsin Blizzard, Chicago Select, Wisconsin Crusaders, SW Illinois Jets, DTA, Bolingbrook Magic, Kessel Heat Platinum, Kingdom Hoops Red

All Ohio Red, Ramey/Jets United, Mac Irvin Fire, WI Playground Warriors, Chicago Select, St. Louis Eagles, Gary Harris Elite, Wisconsin Swing, Iowa Barnstormers, ET21 Buckeyes, Illinois Irish Elite, A2P, Pocket City Basketball, Wisconsin United, Yanders Law, Kingdom Hoops Elite, Butler Elite, Kingdom Hoops Red, DTA, WI Hoops Select, Fitzsimmons Magic, Illinois Irish Select, RAS Milwaukee, Impact Basketball, Milwaukee Spartans, Kessel Heat Gold, Playground Elite Minor, Illinois Future, Milwaukee Rebels, 920 Elite, Wisconsin Blizzard, Champaign Wolverines, NESYB, Peoria Area Elite, WI Crusaders, Kessel Heat Black, WI Jets, Mac Irvin 2018, Young Legends, Ohio Hoopsters, Milwaukee Sharks, Team GetShook, Playground Elite Dantzler, Iowa Wolves, WI RAP, SW Illinois Jets, WI Ballers, Illinois Celtics, Kessel Heat Platinum, Kingdom Hoops Black

All Ohio, RAS Milwaukee, Butler Elite, Mac Irvin Fire, Chicago Select, Kingdom Hoops Elite, ET21 Buckeyes, Ferrari, Net Gain Sports, Milwaukee Spartans, IC Ballers, Team Ramey, Future Elite, WITTS Eagles, Illinois Irish Elite, DTA, Iowa Barnstormers Black, Illinois Rebels, Kessel Heat, Iowa Barnstormers Gold, Mac Irvin, Playground Elite Teague, Hoops Avenue Moragne, Young Legends, IL Icemen, WI United, Bolingbrook Magic, Clarey Gents, Chicago Raptors, Fitzsimmons Magic, Hoops Avenue White, Washington Panthers, Illinois Future, TNT Shockers, RTG Hoops, Ohio Bulldogs, Wildcats Blue, Kingdom Hoops Red

Wisconsin Playground Warriors, Net Gain Sports, Kingdom Hoops Elite, Playground Elite, Iowa Barnstormers Gold, Butler Elite, Kessel Heat Black, Wisconsin Shooters, Mac Irvin Fire, Team Sizzle, Team Ramey, Wisconsin United, DTA, Iowa Barnstormers Black, All-In Athletics, Roc Solid Select, NESYB, Kessel Heat Gold, Wisconsin Blizzard, Illinois Explorers Elite, Kings, Kingdom Hoops Red, Kessel Heat Platinum, We Got Next

Wisconsin Playground Warriors, St. Louis Blazers, Bolingbrook Magic, Playground Elite Dupree, All-In Athletics, Kingdom Hoops Red, Kessel Heat Black, MBLA Spartans, Wisconsin United, Gametime Athletics, RAS, Eastern Iowa Flight, Kingdom Hoops Elite, LaCrosse Area YMCA, Wisconsin Shooters, Kessel Heat Platinum, Milwaukee Spartans, Windy City Vipers, Illinois Truth, Playground Elite Terrell

Net Gain Sports, Wisconsin Shooters, Wisconsin United, Kingdom Hoops Elite, Wisconsin Playground Warriors, Kessel Heat Black, Core 6 Speed, Bray Center, RAS Milwaukee, MBLA Spartans, Playground Elite, Wisconsin Focus

IC Ballers, WI Playground Warriors, MBLA Spartans, Illinois Old School, Wisconsin United, Fitzsimmons Magic, Kingdom Hoops Elite, Playground Elite, Wisconsin Shooters, Milwaukee Spartans, Kessel Heat, Roc Solid Select

Kingdom Hoops Elite, Wisconsin United, Milwaukee Spartans, Kingdom Hoops Hart, Core 6 Speed, Kingdom Hoops 2nd Elite