Saturday was a full day of action at the NY2LA Swish 'N Dish Spring Warm-Up. As usual many players performed at a high level while others made a name for themselves. Here is a look at the standouts of day two.

Carte'Are Gordon – 6-7 – PF – Team Ramey/Jets United – 2018 

Gordon is an imposing figure each time he steps on the floor of a 15U game. He does much more than intimidate opposing players. Gordon is a force on both ends of the floor. He dominates the boards and he has a versatile skill set on the offensive end. He has power moves going to the basket, but he also has the ability to knock open jump shots from the mid-range. His range is expanding even further away from the basket as well. He is one of the top freshmen in the Midwest.

Tim Finke – 6-4 – SG – Illinois Irish – 2018 
Finke is playing up an age group at the 16 and under level. That did not stop him from having one of the best performances of the tournament thus far. The talented freshman scored 29 points in a loss Saturday evening. He is a true match-up nightmare for opponents. He is athletic and quick off the dribble, but he is also a good outside shooter. He's not afraid to draw contact. Finke understands the game really well especially for his age. He is establishing himself as one of the best players and prospects in Illinois' 2018 class.

Braden Fitzjerrells – 5-7 – G – Southwest Illinois Jets – 2016 
Few people picked the Southwest Illinois Jets over All-Ohio Red on Saturday afternoon but behind Fitzjerrells, it happened. He scored 16 points in the first half against All-Ohio Red. Fitzjerrells has extremely deep range and he is not shy about looking for shooting opportunities. Ahe has a quick release which makes him tough during ball screens. He is quick off the dribble as well. He provides SW Illinois Jets with toughness.

Monty Johal – 6-2 – SG – Yanders Law – 2018 
Johal put up 40 points in a loss to Caron Butler Elite Saturday. Johal is a shooter with unlimited range. He will put the ball on the floor as well. He excelled in the mid-range game on his way to 40 points. Johal has a size advantage over most guards right now which makes him really tough to stop on pull-up opportunities. He was also able to get all the way to the best a few times against Butler Elite. Johal is programmed to score right now.

Octavius Parker Jr. - 6-0 – PG – Mac Irvin Fire – 2017 
Parker was incredible in the first half against Full Package on Saturday. He almost single handedly outscored the opponent in the first half when he scored 23 points to their 28. Parker was completely locked in from the outside. He connected on seven 3-pointers in a 16 minute half. He 'only' finished with 26 points, but the damage was done. Mac Irvin coasted to the victory. His shooting display on Saturday was not a fluke. He is a fantastic outside shooter. Parker is also a capable ball-handler and distributor.

Jayson Tatum – 6-8 – SF – St. Louis Eagles – 2016 

Tatum showcased why many believe he is the top prospect in the 2016 nationally on Saturday. It was a dunk show for his couple of games on Saturday. He did more than just dunk though. He blocked shots and he chased down opponents on the break for blocks.  He made shots from the outside. He handled the ball. He showed off improved athleticism in all areas. 

Nick Ward – 6-8 – C – All-Ohio Red – 2016 
The talented post player got angry on Saturday. When he was mad, his played picked up considerably. He eliminated the finesse part of his game when he was in an angry mindset. It elevated his game to a new level. Ward was trying to finish every post up with a dunk. He was trying to get through opponents instead of away them. He was rebounding at a high level as well as defending on the perimeter. Ward is a high-major recruit and he looked like it in this sequence.

Te'Jon Lucas – 6-1 – PG – Milwaukee Spartans – 2016 
Lucas guided his Milwaukee Spartans to an upset win over Mac Irvin Fire on Saturday evening. Lucas tallied 23 points with his attacking style in the victory. Lucas is taller and stronger than he was a year ago. He always looked for contact even when he was smaller than everyone else. Now, he is looking to the take the bump and finish the play with consistency. He is a really talented and tough lead guard. 

Courtney Ramey – 6-2 – PG – Team Ramey/Jets United – 2018 
Ramey continues to grow both physically and in terms of his game. He is a long point guard that is a fantastic on-ball defender. He can change a game with his defensive ability. He is also a talented playmaker with excellent vision. It is no surprise that Courtney Ramey is excelling at such a high level, he has been producing like this for years now. 

Philip Flory – 6-4 – SG – Wisconsin Playground Elite – 2017 
Flory sparked a run for his Playground Elite team with back to back 3-pointers in the second half Saturday, but it was not enough to get the victory. Flory is a former Marquette commitment that is playing at a high level. He is a fantastic outside shooter, but he is not one-dimensional. He is also capable of scoring by beating defenders off the dribble. He mentioned that Wisconsin, Xavier and Iowa State are showing a lot of interest at this point.

Joey Hauser – 6-7 – SF – Wisconsin Academy – 2018 

Hauser is doing a good job of holding the family's basketball reputation up high. His brother, Sam Hauser, is a special player in the 2016 group. Hauser possesses great size, strength, athleticism and skill for a player his size. He is capable of burning opponents off the dribble and scoring with a soft touch or knocking down triples from way beyond the 3-point line.

James Butler Jr. – 6-2 – SG – Caron Butler Elite – 2018 
Butler had a big game for Caron Butler Elite Saturday afternoon. He tallied 26 points including 18 points in the second half. He has good size and a good frame. He's a good athlete, but he is also very skilled. Butler combines potential with present day production. He is a player to track in the 2018 class.

Alex King – 6-7 – SF – Pocket City – 2017 
King had a few breakout games at the Swish 'N Dish this weekend. He played with energy and skill. King displayed the ability to knock down 3-pointers at a high rate. He also scored by attacking the boards as well. King is very thin right now, but it did not look like it held his game back on Saturday. His production was a very positive sign for Pocket City and his own interests going forward.