The 2016 NY2LA Sports Swish N’ Dish came to a close on Sunday. As always, there were a handful of prospects who, while may have come into the tournament under the radar, left the event by significantly raising their stock nationally. One such player was Teyvion Kirk of All In Y & R, whose long lean frame and unique game opened a lot of eyes over the weekend.  Here’s that and more as we look at ten Stock Boosters from the 17U age group…

Alex Arians – 2017 – SF – Wisconsin Swing

Arians came ready to play and gave the Swing a nice boost. He wasn’t one of the headline prospects on the Swing roster, but certainly played like it at times. Showcasing a consistent stroke from downtown, the lefty hurt teams that left him open. A kid that plays hard on both ends of the floor, Arians was seen getting on the floor for loose balls, while also taking care of the other dirty work on the glass. 

Trae Berhow – 2017 – SG – Powerhouse Hoops MN
A terrific shooter who can knock down difficult looks, Berhow was as good as advertised over the weekend. A rising junior, Berhow ran off screens and scored off the dribble. Able to shoot off-balance, Berhow doesn’t have to be squared to the hoop to be in rhythm. A player that’s also got some length and athleticism to him, Berhow surprised with his ability to dribble penetrate and finish strong against contact. 

Jayvon Graves – 2017 – G – King James
We know Graves was a smooth guard who could shoot the basketball. We did not know he was packing some dangerous athleticism in his 6-foot-2 frame. Graves caught our attention early with some thundering dunks on opening night. He continued that all the way into Sunday as well. In the half court, Graves shot the ball well from the outside and also was able to drive and dish to set up his teammates consistently. 

Teyvion Kirk – 2017 – G – All-In Young and Reckless
A player that jumpstarted his team over the weekend, Kirk played outstanding on-ball defense. Matched up with some really good guards from the likes of Minnesota and Illinois, Kirk played very well on both ends. Able to get to the bucket consistently, Kirk finished around the rim nicely. Defensively, he made things quite difficult for the opposition and rattled opponents without committing a lot of fouls.

Storm Murphy – 2017 – PG – NESYB Elite
A player that continues to fly under the radar despite putting up big numbers, Murphy once again showed he deserves more attention. Murphy had 22 points in a game against Playground Elite on Saturday. A flashy, skilled guard, Murphy has the ball in his hands for the majority of the game and creates a lot of offense because of it. A terrific passer in the open floor, Murphy has the type of vision that allows him to see the play unfold before it actually happens. 

Christian Negron – 2017 – PF – Mac Irvin Fire
It’s a rare to see a forward with such a good mid-range game, but Negron excels from the 12-17-foot range. With a quality stroke, Negron can catch and shoot, but more impressively take defenders off the dribble and either attack the rim or get them off-balance so he can rise and fire. Negron has excellent touch. Also a warrior on the glass, he thinks every rebound is his for the taking. 

Malik Parker – 2017 – PG – Martin Bros.
A quick lead guard who can score the basketball, Parker impressed throughout the weekend. His pull-up game from mid-range definitely stood out. Parker has the ball handling skills to shake some good defenders and he gets his shot off in a hurry. Parker had two 20-plus scoring games at the Swish N’ Dish, both of which resulted in wins. When he played well, his team seemed to follow suit. 

Javon Pickett – 2017 – SG – Jets Ramey United
Pickett is so tough to stop when he’s in the zone. Often playing bigger than his size, Pickett attacks the basket and finishes through and over defenders. A strong wing with underrated athleticism, once Pickett gets his outside shot going along with his inside game, he’s almost impossible to handle. The Illinois commit had a couple of big scoring games over the weekend. 

Jalen Suggs – 2020 – SG – Grassroots Sizzle
We were interested to see how Suggs handled the 17U bracket. It’s not surprising to see him play well beyond his years at this point, but you can’t help but be impressed by a player, who hasn’t played a single minute of high school basketball, hold his own against those much older than him. Suggs hunted for his shots throughout the weekend and handled the ball well against pressure. A player you’ll be hearing a lot more from over the next few years, Suggs is an exciting scorer and passer of the basketball. 

Devin Whitelow – 2017 – PG – Illinois Irish
This kid is just tough. Plain and simple. It doesn’t matter who he has to guard, Whitelow, despite his 5-foot-9 frame, will take on the task and do it with the best of his ability. Against Illinois commit DaMonte Williams, Whitelow was giving up a lot of inches and a lot of pounds, but did give him an inch. Everything Williams got in that game, he earned and it was the same story with every player Whitelow has guarded. A speedy guard with exceptional upper body strength, Whitelow can also deliver offensively. He was solid in the open floor, pushing the pace and either going coast-to-coast or finding open teammates for good looks.