Championship Sunday means putting it all on the line for your team and competing for the right to be on top. The new NY2LA Basketball Association adjusts that like a few of the other premier circuits, nevertheless the concept remains the same as the players battle for top honors divisionally in the month of April in preparation for the July championships.  

Here are some of the standouts from the final day of NY2LA Basketball Association play at this past weekend’s NY2LA Sports Spring Extravaganza…

(Note – Not listed in any particular order)

2017 6’2” Jacob Pfaffinger – Colorado Titans – Jacob is a prospect you notice simply because he knows who he is on the floor. He competes and does whatever is needed to help his team win. Pfaffinger moves well without the ball, which shouldn’t be taken for granted. He executes picks and communicates to teammates. High IQ and great feel are fair traits to say Jacob embodies. He showed he can make shots from the perimeter and he’s capable of attacking and scoring off the bounce. While not a Division I prospect, that surely doesn’t mean that smaller schools shouldn’t recruit him.

2017 6’7” Charles Payton – All-In Athletics Y&R – Payton has length, athleticism and finds different ways to impact the game. On Sunday he was most impressive as a rim protector. He blocked multiple shots and changed a handful of others; making it difficult for RL9 to score at the rim in the morning sessions. He has what it takes to defend multiple positions. Charles handles it pretty well and can go end to end and finish strong above the rim. He also does a good job of finding opening along the baseline, catching and finishing. Once he adds a consistent jump shot, you’re looking at a credible two-way player.

2017 6’2” Teyvion Kirk – All-In Athletics Y&R – Kirk proved why in the morning sessions that he deserves to be recruited as a high-major guard. He’s long and athletic. These attributes allow him to be a very skilled and consistent finisher. He can push the pace and put pressure on opposing defenses or he can slow the pace and move the ball in the half court. What you love is that Kirk stays in attack mode and wants to be a playmaker.

2017 6’6” Terrence Lewis – Playground Elite – Lewis has a lot of tools to be a pure scorer. There wasn’t a spot on the floor he didn’t seem to be able to score from. He has a smooth and consistent release and he is able to get his shot off even with a hand in his face, and that’s the difference between someone who can shoot open shots and players who can legitimately score. Lewis has bounce and is a threat to rise above the rim, especially when coming down the floor with a full head of steam.

2017 6’8” Alou Dillon Jr. – Playground Elite – Alou has a long, athletic frame and he has it him to go after the basketball. He’s capable of rebounding in and out of his area at a pretty solid rate at this stage. He transitions ends of the floor well and helps protect the paint with his length and mobility. On the offensive end he’s still a work in progress, however, he did show examples of being able to score on the low block; including a short hook along the baseline.

2016 5’10” Xavier Johnson – Grassroots Hoops Club – Xavier is a tough and crafty point guard. He likes to attack the rim and has it in him to not only get to the rim, but finish plays in a variety of ways. Not only can he produce points from layups to jumpers, but he has a toughness and fearlessness that keeps him going. Aside from being able to get buckets, he has good touch on his passes and he keeps his head up allowing him to find the correct teammate.

2016 6’8” Steffon Mitchell – Grassroots Hoops Club – Mitchell is a lefty stretch four who has double-double potential at this level. He’s mobile on the glass and when moving his feet to protect the rim by blocking some shots. His jumper is not a finished product as he needs more consistency, but his shot looks pretty good and he has three-point range.