Arguably the deepest talent pool in the nation for the opening weeks of the spring season this year's Swish N Dish tournament had Division 1 to high major talent on every court. We continue our coverage with a look at some of the top performers and prospects from this year's tournament…

Devan Cambridge 2019 WG Brad Beal Elite 17's 

Performing at a high level throughout the tournament, Devan Cambridge was one of the most complete wing prospects on both sides of the court at this year's Swish N’ Dish. Cambridge showed a very well-rounded offensive game and he was able to score from all 3 levels with explosiveness in the open court. One of the top 2019 prospects from Tennessee, Cambridge brings depth and talent to a loaded Brad Beal 17U team this spring.

Tujautae Williams 2019 G Chicago Demons 17's
Williams’s skill set stood out immediately this past weekend and he has the kind of size and ball handling that is special given his size and length at 6'6.  Williams played with aggressiveness and was hard to stop with the head full of steam all weekend. Definitely a prospect to watch out for this spring.

Mario McKinney PG Brad Beal Elite EYBL 17's
There was high caliber play from a high caliber prospect as McKinney was a major factor for Brad Beal Elite's run to the Swish N’ Dish Platinum Championship. McKinney’s growth rate over the last year has been substantial and coaches have been noticing. McKinney is primed to make a push into the top tier of guard prospects in the class this spring.

Perry Cowan 2019 G Illinois Wolves 17's 
A tough, smart, skilled, competitive guard, Perry Cowan did it all for the Wolves playing a major role in their Platinum Championship Runner-Up finish. Coleman just gets it done making plays and making his team better every time he’s on the court.

Dain Dainja 2020 PF Grassroots Sizzle MN 17's 
A skilled big from Minnesota, Dainja showed a great skill set and he’s definitely in a great position playing along Jalen Suggs this summer to boost his recruitment and improve his game. Opening night Dainja faced a loaded Mac Irvin Fire team and captured the attention of the crowd with his skill set in the open court. Dainja played in only half of Grassroots 5 games due to an injury but in that time he was surprisingly dominant inside and confident for a young prospect playing against top-level competition.

Chris Payton 2019 F Mean Streets 17's 
One of the most athletic frontcourt prospects in the building Chris Payton has a budding wing skill set, plays with great energy and he possesses great upside with his athleticism. Payton decommitted from Illinois State this fall opening up his recruitment and he should become in high demand playing on the EYBL platform with Meanstreets this spring.

Jaeed Hankins 2019 SG Indiana Elite Fastbreak 17's 
A skilled shooting guard prospect, Jaeed Hankins showed a high caliber skill set that is a combination of shooting and athleticism. Hawkins was a scoring force throughout the tournament putting up some major production from the outside. Shooters are always in high demand and Haskins shooting will have coaches looking hard at him this spring. 

Marcus Fitzgerald Jr 2020 PG Brad Beal Elite 16's 
An explosive and skilled point guard prospect, Marcus Fitzgerald has the full package. One of the top guard prospects regardless of class during the tournament, Fitzgerald displayed a high caliber guard skill set with an ability to create for himself and others at high level. Fitzgerald looked on par with any of other top point guard prospects in the tournament. 

Kaleim Taylor 2020 CG Kevon Looney Elite 16's 
One of the most dynamic guard prospects regardless of class, Kaleim Taylor showed a high caliber guard prospect skill set. Taylor was a problem for every team he faced making big plays, attacking the paint off the dribble, and creating scoring opportunities for himself and others at a high level. 

Michael Foster 2021 F Milwaukee Spartans 15’s 
The talented prospect wasn’t expected to play due to injury but after sitting out on Friday he took to the floor late Saturday and played sparingly throughout the remainder of the weekend.  All the physical attributes are there for Michael Foster to continue be one of the top prospects in the class nationally. Recovering from a hand injury Foster played limited but what he showed in the time was enough to see the developing high-caliber frontcourt skill set and the big picture potential to be special.

Cam'Ron Fletcher 2020 WG Brad Beal Elite 16's 
Cam'Ron Fletcher has a lot of tools you can’t teach and he has a high caliber combination of ball skills and size.  Few wing prospects showed the upside on both sides of the ball the Fletcher possesses. When Fletcher puts it all together college coaches will be battling for this young budding elite talent.

Elliott Sieger 2020 CG Kevon Looney Elite 16's 

The Chicagoland combo guard Elliot Sieger look the part of power five conference caliber guard prospect with his game play at Swish N Dish this weekend. Sieger has a great basketball IQ, plays with toughness, and makes his team better.  That was on full display getting a win to start the weekend. 

Dang Reng 2019 F ET21 Buckeyes 17's 
Long, lean, and bouncy, Dang Reng has great physical attributes. Reng played with great effectiveness and efficiency while putting up production throughout the tournament showing a high level frontcourt prospect skill set and a nice basketball IQ. 

Luke Kasubke 2020 SG Brad Beal Elite 16's 
When it comes to a complete skill set Luke Kasubke set the bar with his high level play for Brad Beal Elite 16's at the Swish N Dish. Kasubke did it all throwing down highlight reels dunks and he filled it up from deep. One of premier 2020 prospects in Missouri, Kasubke is a skilled Division 1 level prospect. A high value prospect, Kasubke has the skill set to help any team win with his high basketball IQ and deep range shooting prowess.

Detavious Frierson 2020 SG Gain Elite 16's 
One of the most athletic guard prospects in the tournament, Detavious Frierson showed great potential and production for Gain Elite. Frierson showed elite upside on the defensive end guarding the opposing team best player while turning defense to offense. More of a scorer than shooter, Frierson thrives in the open court.  He is able to take defenders off the dribble and finish above the rim in traffic.  One of the top prospects from Minnesota's 2020 class, Frierson is primed to have a breakout spring after recovering from injuries this past fall.

Julien Hunter 2020 WG EG10 16's 
Julien Hunter was in attack mode all weekend for EG10 putting up good production and playing with great competitiveness. Hunter has good athleticism and he’s a natural scorer who attacks the rim.  He definitely made his mark this weekend.

Jalawn Farrell 2020 G Phenom University 16's 
Jalawn Farrell was in attack mode for Phenom University all weekend and he produced at a high level. Farrell is a skilled and athletic guard with major upside.  He has ranged that extends beyond the arc, he can attack off the bounce, and he pairs athleticism with toughness to make for a highly intriguing prospect big picture wise.  

J'Dyn Brown 2019 G Hoop Avenues Elite 17's 
As athletic as any guard in the gym, J'Dyn Brown is a dynamic athlete. Brown was a major force making plays on both sides of the court throughout the tournament. Playing a major role for Hoop Avenues Elite, Brown showed good leadership, utility and competitiveness.

Chase Carter 2022 F Gain Elite 14's 
Making plays all over the court at the Swish N Dish, Chase Carter is a young frontcourt prospect whose game continues to evolve and grow as one of the top 2022 prospects in Minnesota. Carter possesses a high basketball IQ and elite play making ability for a frontcourt prospect his age. Carter has good ball skills and the size to develop into a high caliber frontcourt prospect. 

Marcus Watson 2020 PG Mac Irvin Fire 16's 
One of the top 2020 prospects in Illinois, point guard Marcus Watson Jr brought his A-game to start the spring season. Watson showed that he's battle tested making big plays and he stayed aggressive throughout the tournament with a high level prototype point guard skill set. 

Terrance Shannon 2019 SF Mac Irvin Fire 17's 
In his first year with the Mac Irvin Fire, Terrance Shannon from Chicago Lincoln looked the part of a Division 1 wing prospect. Long, lean and bouncy, Shannon has many of the attributes that college coaches seek out in wings. Showing great competitiveness all weekend, Shannon played at high level showing great potential.