Day 3 in Texas saw the opening session of the 2018 NY2LA Basketball Association come to a close but that didn’t stop some of the talented prospects from opening some eyes with stellar play once again.  Here’s a glance at more that stood out in Texas on Sunday…

CJ Wilbourn – 2019 (Quad City Elite 17u)
- Wilbourn was playing with a ton of confidence Sunday morning which led to him having a breakout performance.  Wilbourn has the strength and frame that division 1 coaches love.  A very physical big man who cleans the glass and protects the rim.  Offensively Wilbourn has a nice touch around the rim and he has a very affective hook shot that he loves to go too.  He can stretch the floor with his outside shooting and proved to be a three-point threat hitting multiple threes in Quad City Elites win over Colorado Chaos.

Scotty Ebube – 2021 (Kessel Heat 15u) - Ebube is a very good athlete that is just scratching the surface of his potential.  His presence while on the floor is as big as anyone's at the 15u level.  He is physically dominant on both ends of the floor and when he is locked in he is an absolute force down low.  Ebube was scoring around the basket showing off a very improved offensive skill set.  Defensively if Ebube can't get his hands on the ball he still alters shots with his length.  The 6-7 center finished with 12 points in Kessel Heats tough loss to All In Athletics.

Marcus Domask – 2019 (Ray Allen Select 17u) - Domask was playing at high level during clutch moments but what impressed me the most was how good and consistent he was down the stretch when his team needed him most.  He had a ton of confidence and pride when he was trusted in the final minutes of the game.  When the 6-6 forward got cooking in the final minutes of the Ray Allen Select game vs Yanders Law he ended up Scoring a team high 16 points going 7-8 from the field.

Donyae McCaskill – 2019 (Yanders Law 17u) - In a tough loss to Ray Allen Select that came down to the final seconds of the game McCaskill made sure his presence was felt.  Playing aggressive on both ends of the floor the 6-2 guard was putting his body on the line.  Offensively McCaskill was going was hard and aggressive at the rim and using  his bounce to rise up and play above the rim which was leading to a bucket or two foul shots.  McCaskill finished with a game high 31 points and was getting them from many different ways.

Jalen Thomas – 2019 (REACH Legends 17u) - Thomas was phenomenal for REACH Legends in their win over AUSA Hoops early Sunday morning.  He was protecting the rim, cleaning the glass, and scoring making sure his presence was felt every second he was on the floor.  Standing at 6-9 with a big and strong frame combined with his plus length makes him a very intriguing prospect whose recruitment has the chance to really pick up more than it already has.  Thomas finished with a team high 16 points and 8 rebounds.

Trey Baker – 2021 (All In Athletics Figueroa 15u) - The left handed guard showed why he is one of the top point guards in the association at the 15u level.  In All In Athletics big win over Kessel Heat Baker was all over the place scoring from virtually wherever he wanted.  The young prospect was hitting deep threes, mid-range jumpers, floaters, and finishing around the rim using creative finishes.  Baker has very good court vision he was finding his open teammates and setting them up for scoring opportunities all game long.  He finished with a game high 24 points in All in Athletics win over Kessel Heat.

Jalen Williams – 2019 (Blue Chip Nation 17u) – A talented sharpshooting guard with size, skill, and feel, Williams wrapped his weekend with an efficiently dominant 21 point 4 assist effort while hitting 7 of 11 from beyond the arc.  Already holding a handful of Division 1 offers, Williams is an excellent scoring threat with a nice ceiling whose recruiting should continue to grow throughout the spring and summer.  

William Dunn – 2029 (Grand Rapids Storm 17U) – A solid talent with skill and a nice ceiling, Dunn wrapped his weekend with a strong 15 point 7 rebound performance in a convincing win over Martin Brothers Select.  Expect a big spring from him as Dunn has size, length, and upside and he’s continuing to display his potential each time out.  

Isaac Haney – 2021 (Yanders Law 16u)
- This young man was phenomenal all weekend long and early Sunday morning was no different.  Haney is a scoring guard, but he is very unselfish and likes to create for his teammates as well.  He makes flashy passes, but they are smart, good, and timely at the same time.  The young guard keeps the ball on a string and can get to where he wants to on the court using his creative ball handling and quickness.  Haney finished with 10 points in Yanders Laws big win over The Force.

Jayshawn Moore – 2020 (REACH Legends 16u) - Moore has been playing at high level all weekend long and Sunday morning was no different.  Moore was scoring from all three levels but was most affective when attacking and finishing above the rim.  Defensively Moore was in his opponent's face making sure nothing was given up easy.  The 6-4 guard has plus length and uses it to his advantage on both ends of the floor.  Moore finished with a game high 20 points in REACH Legends win over Quad City Elite Sunday morning.

Charlie Hoehne – 2019 (Made Men 17u) - Hoehne had a little bit of coming out party in Madmen's big win over Minnesota Select.  He is a max effort type player who brings intensity on both sides of the floor.  He can attack off the bounce very well for a post player and isn’t scared to go right at his opponent.   He has solid post work and can get the best of his defender using creative post moves, pump fakes, etc. The 6-7 forward crashes the offensive boards hard allowing him to get easy second chance buckets.  Hoehne had at least 5 blocks and made it clear he wasn’t scared to meet his opponents at the rim.  He finished with a game high 17 points in Madmen's win over Minnesota Select.

Karl Wright – 2019 (Illinois Irish 17u) - Standing at only 6-5 Wright is a bit undersized for his position but he has the athletic ability to make up for it.  One of the bounciest players in the whole association you must be ready because you never know when he is going to rise up and throw down a monster dunk.  He has a non-stop motor and is always running the floor hard.  He is a high-level rebounder and shot blocker because he knows how to time his jumping right.  Wright finished with a team high 13 points in Illinois Irish win over WI Swing.

Marcus Skeete – 2020 (H.I.T. Basketball 16u) - Skeete was very active making sure that he was giving productive minutes.  He is a natural leader that plays with a very high motor which brings the best out of his teammates.  Skeete hit a couple of jump shots but was most productive inside the paint where he was able to score the majority of his points.  Skeete has a ton of potential that he is just tapping in too.

Baylor Hebb – 2020 (3D Empire 16u) - Hebb had one of the best performances of the day Sunday morning.  Bright and early at 8am the 6-1 point guard came ready to play with energy and confidence that was unmatched.  He is a very good shooter who was creating for himself and getting to the spots he wanted.  Hebb has good enough handles that he can swerve through defenders and get to the basket where he proved he can finish through contact.  Hebb finished with a game high 26 points in 3D Empires win over WI Swing.