Session 2 of the 2020 NY2LA Sports Top 40 League hit the hardwood this past weekend and once again some of the top prospects in Wisconsin as well as a couple from Illinois delivered high caliber performances on an individual basis.  Here’s a look at the MVP and Top Performers from week 2…

2021 – Brandin Podziemski – 6’6 – SG – St. John NWMA (WI)

48 FIPG – 27 EPG – 14 MPG
Podziemski continued to deliver much of the same this past week as he blistered the nets with a 24-34 performance from the field including a 12-18 one from beyond the arc.  He averaged close to 34 points a game while grabbing almost 7 rebounds and kicking out 5 assists and posting a 5 to 1 A/TO mark on the night.  Defensively he grabbed 3 steals a contest and helped his team to another 2-0 mark.  He was outstanding once again for the second session in a row.

(Note – Listed in alphabetical order)
2021 – Grant Asman – 6’10 – F – Kimberly (WI)
30 FIPG – 15 EPG – 12 MPG
He continues to elevate his play with strong efforts and week 2 was bolstered by a 27 point 13 rebound performance in the second game of the night.  He continues to trend higher and higher on Division 1 boards and his play is following that same trend.

2021 – Amar Augillard – 6’5 – SF – Zion-Benton (IL)
36.5 FIPG – 12.5 EPG – 13.5 MPG
More of the same from the dominant forward who scored and rebounded at a high level once again this past week.  His overall efficiency and contributions outside of scoring took a step forward this past week and a strong 54 percent mark from the field was exceptional as well.  

2021 – Samuel Hytinen – 6’5 – SG – Arrowhead (WI)
32.5 FIPG – 18 EPG – 16.5 – MPG
Normally a catch and shoot guy, Hytinen really elevated his floor play this past week and his ability to create with his passing while also scoring efficiently took his game to another level.  He was outstanding during the second session.

2021 – Kobe Johnson – 6’5 – G – Nicolet (WI)
33.5 FIPG – 17.5 EPG – 14.5 MPG
He’s really starting to stretch his legs as a player and understand his role.  Session 2 he was exceptional in his overall ability to impact the game creatively and with his activity including and 11 rebound and 11 assist performance in the opening game.  His efficiency elevated as well as he shot 65 percent from the field.  His ability to create and see the floor helped create a lot of high quality opportunities for his teammates and the ridiculous numbers Podziemski posted this week were helped in no small part by the decision making and play of Johnson throughout the night.  He was outstanding.  

2021 – David Joplin – 6’7 – F – Brookfield Central (WI)
40 FIPG – 14.5 EPG – 12 MPG
The Texas bound forward scored and rebounded at a high level again and he finished with efficiency as well.  He finished at each level, was active around the basket, and once again posted strong individual numbers this past week.  He was strong and consistent with his performances in both games but his 29 point 12 rebound effort in the second game was his best of the night.

2022 – Nicholas Martinelli – 6’6 – SF – Glenbrook South (IL)
41.5 FIPG – 18 EPG – 9.5 MPG
Making his debut this past week, Martinelli was outstanding with his overall floor production and the efficiency in which he did it.  He finished from all levels and posted some dominant scoring performance averaging 31 ppg during the two contests.  

2021 – Donald McHenry – 6’1 – PG – MAS (WI)
34 FIPG – 19 EPG – 11 MPG
One of those talented seniors whose best basketball lies ahead, McHenry was exceptional with his decisions and efficiency this past week and his floor impact followed.  Athletic, quick, and tough, McHenry is a D1 caliber lead guard on the rise in the Midwest.

2023 – Milan Momcilovic – 6’8 – F – Pewaukee (WI)
32 FIPG – 17 EPG – 8 MPG
One of the premier 2023’s in the country, Momcilovic shot close to 78 percent from beyond the arc (i.e. 7-9) and he filled the box score as well averaging 7 rebounds and 3 assists per contest.  His play during the second session was a step up from week 1 and that’s exactly what the league is designed to do.

2021 – Alexander Singleton – 6’6 – F – Wauwatosa East (WI)
36.5 FIPG – 12 EPG – 10 MPG
An active forward that posts double double’s on the regular, Singleton was much of the same during the second session as he scored from the mid-range level and at the rim while running the floor and bringing max effort to both ends of the court.  A solid individual effort for him numbers wise.

2023 – Prentice Young Jr. – 6’4 – PG – Wisconsin Lutheran (WI)
34 FIPG – 16.5 EPG – 15 MPG
When a young PG posts Efficiency and Matrix scores like Young did you pay attention as those are the areas most young prospects struggle with but during the second session Young was outstanding in both areas.  He was 4-8 from beyond the arc and he filled the box score while averaging 18 points a contest.  Defensively he was outstanding as well and he continues to take high caliber steps forward in his development.  

(Note – Listed in alphabetical order)
2021 – Jordan Johnson – 6’1 – G – Elkhorn (WI)
31 FIPG – 11 EPG – 8 MPG
A solid scoring guard who looks to finish first, Johnson’s efficiency took a step forward during the second session shooting 55 percent from the field and delivering a solid near 4-1 assist to turnover mark.

2022 – Danilo Jovanovich – 6’8 – F – Whitnall (WI)
26.5 FIPG – 8 EPG – 8 MPG
His second game of the nigh was his best as he was active and dominant while scoring at multiple levels.  He posted a solid 50 percent from the field mark while averaging 16 points and grabbing close to 8 rebounds a contest.  

2022 – Jackson Paveletzke – 6’3 – G – Kimberly (WI)
24 FIPG – 12 EPG – 10.5 MPG
His 18 point 10 assist performance during the opening game of the night was outstanding.  Overall he dropped a stellar 5.5 to 1 A/TO mark on the night as well.

2022 – Greyson Pritzl – 6’4 – G/F – West Allis Central (WI)
30 FIPG – 7 EPG – 6 MPG
He is a scoring first type wing and he averaged close to 20 ppg during the second session while shooting 50 percent from the field.  A solid day’s work and his overall activity both on the glass and creating with his passing took a nice step forward.  

2021 – Nolan Rieder – 6’9 – F/C – Sussex Hamilton (WI)
25.5 FIPG – 10 EPG – 8.5 MPG
He’s quietly been having an outstanding fall campaign and week 2 was much of the same as he dropped a nice 17 point 5 rebound performance while shooting 63 percent from the field.

2021 – Jonah Rindfleisch – 6’7 – F – Wisconsin Lutheran (WI)
22.5 FIPG – 14 EPG – 12.5 MPG
Really like what he did this past week as he posted a strong 10 point 9 rebound per game effort on the night.  His activity was outstanding as was his ability to do the little things and contribute on both ends.  He’s a legitimate scholarship level player who High D’s and potentially even D1’s should start to look at seriously.