The NY2LA Sports Top 40 Fall League rebooted this past fall and some of the top high school prospects in Wisconsin as well as a handful from Illinois took to the hardwood in impressive fashion.  Today we begin our look back at this past fall’s action with a look at the all-league teams.

Note – You will have to have played a minimum of (2) weeks for consideration

Co-MVP – Brandin Podziemski – 6’6 – 2021 – SG – St. Johns NWMA (WI)
43.67 FIPG (1) – 11.5 MPG (3) – 22.33 EPG (1)
31.7 PPG (1) – 4.2 APG (7) – 5.5 RPG (20) – 1.8 SPG (5) 

Dominant and spectacular are two words to describe his performance this past fall as each week Brandin delivered huge performances that were both efficient and box scores fillers to say the least.  He wrapped his league with a scintillating 52 point performances on 22 of 24 shooting, which included an 8 of 9 performance from beyond the arc.  His floor impact the final two weeks was near 50 FIPG each week, which is obscene considering a target of 30 FIPG is exceptional.  The 6’6” guard added offers from Kentucky and Kansas this fall with interest coming from a number of high major programs as well.  One of the top 2-3 pure shooting guards in the 2021 class nationally, Podziemski led the league in Floor Impact, Efficiency, Points per game, etc. and he was in the top 10 in various others.  While he shot a ridiculous 71-99 from the field over the course of the league, the sharpshooting scoring guard was an outstanding 33-55 from beyond the 3 point line.  

Co-MVP – Kobe Johnson – 6’5 – 2021 – PG – Nicolet (WI)
30.5 FIPG (5) – 14.67 MPG (1) – 16.17 EPG (2)
8.33 APG (1) – 6 RPG (15) – 2.3 SPG (3)

Regardless of the individual exploits, much like a QB in football when you measure a lead guard or floor general the critical components to pay attention to are what he does to make others better and does he win.  Johnson was outstanding in both capacities this fall as his team won every game they played in the league and he led the league in Assists per game and Matrix per game while being among the top 5 in Floor Impact and Efficency, amongst other things.  The USC bound guard was consistently exceptional week in and week out in both his ability to make others standout out while also making big plays individually and scoring when needed to help his team to victory.  The missing piece with Johnson is he’s an advanced defender and his ability to be versatile and defend multiple positions is one of his biggest assets as a player.  He was exceptionally consistent and provided excellent leadership throughout the league.  

David Joplin – 6’7 – 2021 – F – Brookfield Central (WI)
38.5 FIPG (2) – 11.5 MPG (3) – 10.33 EPG (15)
23.8 PPG (4) – 3.2 APG (15) – 9.2 RPG (1) – 1.2 BPG (6) 

The Texas bound forward delivered high quality numbers each week as he was the league leader in rebounds while also finishing second in overall Floor Impact per game.  Beyond that he was among the top 10 in Matrix, Points per game, Blocks per game, etc. and he delivered a top 15 score in terms of efficiency.  He showed an ability to score from all levels, a physical and instinctive presence to deliver around the basket, and some versatility in terms of both his offensive and defensive potential big picture wise.  He’s a legitimate double double threat every time he takes the court and he excels in that capacity.  He delivered some exceptional individual scoring efforts including a 40 plus point effort in the final week.

Amar Augillard – 6’5 – 2021 – SF – Zion Benton (IL)
37.83 FIPG (3) – 10 MPG (12) – 10.5 EPG (14)
25 PPG (3) – 3.5 APG (12) – 7.5 RPG (4)

One of those score the ball and rebound the ball at a high level types, Augillard was more impressive this fall with his improvement in creating and delivering quality passes for his teammates with consistency.  He finished third in overall Floor Impact per game and was the same in scoring while being in the top 15 in Matrix, Efficiency, Assists, and Rebounds per game.  A multi-dimensional wing who can play the 2, 3, or 4 if needed, Augillard is a tough physical matchup on the offensive end of the court as he can knock down the trey ball, score off the bounce, post up at will, etc.  He has some excellent performances throughout the fall and continued to progress as a player in the process.  Already holding a few Division 1 offers, Augillard like a number of other 2021 prospects is one of the true potential high impact sleepers left on the board in the Midwest. 

Nick Martinelli – 6’7 – 2022 – G/F – Glenbrook South (IL)
35.75 FIPG (4) – 11.5 MPG (3) – 12.5 EPG (10)
26.5 PPG (2) – 7.5 RPG (4) 

An emerging wing in Illinois, Martinelli gets buckets at will.  He can score from all levels but he excels at putting the ball on the floor and scoring at the mid-range level and around the basket in a variety of creative ways.  He posted a top 5 Floor Impact, Matrix, Points Per Game, and Rebounds per game performance while also delivering a top 10 Efficiency per game effort.  Equipped with a plus length wiry frame, the lefty from Illinois can play and he has the ability to deliver in a variety of ways at a high level while consistently knowing what he does well and playing to his strengths, a skill in and of itself.  One of those quietly emerging talents in Illinois, Martinelli is primed for a quality jump as a prospect whenever things get back to normal and he’s a legitimate Division 1 caliber talent when it’s all said and done big picture wise.