The NY2LA Sports Top 40 Fall League rebooted this past fall and some of the top high school prospects in Wisconsin as well as a handful from Illinois took to the hardwood in impressive fashion.  Today we begin our look back at this past fall’s action with a look at the all-league teams.

Note – You will have to have played a minimum of (2) weeks for consideration

Tyrese Hunter – 6’1 – 2021 – PG – Racine St. Catherines (WI)

29.17 FIPG (6) – 8 MPG (18) 
18.7 PPG (6) – 5.5 APG (3) – 1.7 SPG (9)

The explosive Iowa State bound lead guard made a concerted effort to continue to develop his ability to distribute the basketball this fall and that was evident as he delivered the third best Assist per game average for the league.  In addition to that he continued to display his explosive bounce and athleticism while posting top 10 marks in Floor Impact, Points per game, and Steals per game.  A threat to create positive chaos on both the offensive and defensive ends of the floor, Hunter was solid throughout the fall in contributing and working to put others in a positive to score and deliver as well game in and game out.  One of the most explosive athletes in the country regardless of class, Hunter worked hard to continue to take steps forward in his development this fall and his performances were impressive in that regard.  

Jackson Paveletzke – 6’3 – 2022 – G – Kimberly (WI)
28.17 FIPG (7) – 10.33 MPG (8) – 14.5 EPG (4)
16.8 PPG (11) – 5.3 APG (4) – 1.5 SPG (10)

Another quality 2022 prospect in the state of Wisconsin, Paveletzke was outstanding at times during league play.  A dual threat guard who can score and create, Paveletzke also boasts the versatility of playing either spot on the perimeter and delivering high quality production in the process.  He’s an exceptional perimeter shooter with the ability to score from all three levels consistently and he has excellent instincts and vision as well.  He posted top 5 scores in Efficiency and Assists per game while delivering top 15 marks in Floor Impact, Matrix, Steals, and Points per game.  A complete player, Paveletzke is one of the blossoming 2022 prospects in the Midwest who stands to see a lot of schools take strong looks at him once things get back to normal relatively speaking.  

Milan Momcilovic – 6’8 – 2023 – F – Pewaukee (WI)
28.17 FIPG (8) – 11.5 MPG (3) – 16 EPG (3)
15.83 PPG (15) – 3 APG (17) – 8.3 RPG (2) 

An elite forward with an advanced perimeter jumper that can be made effortlessly anywhere inside the Western Hemisphere.  A classic catch and shoot face up forward, Momcilovic is expanding his game and this fall it was evident as he put the ball on the floor more, scored around the basket effectively, and he cleaned the glass.  In a league that boasts some of the top 2021 and 2022 prospects in the state, region, and country for that matter, it’s hard for a 2023 to put up big numbers week in and week out and that’s all part of the process yet Momcilovic did just that.  He posted top 5 marks in Matrix, Efficiency, and Rebounds per game while delivering a top 10 mark in Floor Impact and top 20 marks in Points per game and Assists per game.  He’s a legitimate High Major prospect in the 2023 class and he’s ranked as a top 50 prospect nationally already.  He performed exceptionally well this fall.

Danilo Jovanovich – 6’8 – 2022 – F – Whitnall (WI)
27.83 FIPG (9) – 11.17 EPG (13) 
19.3 PPG (5) – 6.33 RPG (11) 

Already holding a few Division 1 offers, Jovanovich is trending heavily into the high major Division 1 prospect world and his performance this fall was another solid step in that direction.  He’s one of the top pure post scorers in the country for his class and he has all the old school moves to back it up along with an exceptional feel for positioning, footwork, and touch.  He can stretch the floor and knock down the three while also having the ability to put the ball on the floor and score off the bounce through traffic at the rime and at the mid-range level with a pull-up.  He posted top 15 marks in Floor Impact, Efficiency, Points per game, and Rebounds per game while letting the game come to him and playing to his strengths week in and week out.  A quality resume of work this fall.  

Leon Bond III – 6’6 – 2022 – SF – Wauwatosa East (WI)
26.17 FIPG (11) – 8.17 MPG (15) – 12.83 EPG (8)
16.83 PPG (10) – 5.8 RPG (17)

I really like where he’s trending to and while Leon already holds a couple Division 1 offers, he like so many others is primed to really take off regionally and nationally once things get back to normal recruiting wise and schools know exactly what they have returning and what they need 2022 wise.  He’s an exceptional student and he doubles as an outstanding athlete and a high caliber basketball prospect and that was evident consistently this fall.  Equipped with plus length and nice size, Bond has the potential to be a lethal defensive presence big picture wise.  Offensively he scores off the bounce, in transition, off solid post moves, and from the mid-range level consistently while also showing an improved perimeter stroke with range that can extend beyond the arc occasionally.  His activity is the key as he can really dominate on the glass, defensively, etc. when he’s got it all going and this fall he delivered some quality performances while posting top 15 marks in Floor Impact, Matrix, Efficiency, Points, and Rebounds per game.  He’s a legitimate high major wing in the 2022 class whose best basketball lies ahead.