The competition in Texas was especially tough at the 16U level. There were plenty of great teams with high-level players in the building that had a legitimate argument for this list. 

Darrin Ames Jr. – 2023 – G – Mac Irvin Fire
Ames is a playmaking point guard that is incredibly tough to defend off the dribble. With his quickness, great handle, and shifty moves with the ball, he is incredibly difficult to stay in front of as he was continuously getting into the paint to finish or distribute it out. As well to getting to the paint, he scores the ball nicely in the mid-range with his smooth pull up jumper. Ames continues to show he’s of the 2023 point guards in the Midwest. 

Tyshawn Archie – 2023 – G – Team Temple 
Archie is a highly skilled point guard with the ball in his hands. He is very elusive with his incredible moves with the ball in addition to his quickness and handle to be nearly impossible to stay in front of. He maneuvers so well with the ball to get all the way to the basket very often and finish there. 

RJ Chatman – 2023 – G – BBSS 
The skilled point guard has a very good scoring ability. With his quickness and moves, he is incredibly tough to defend off the dribble. He has a good ability to create his own shot and can knock them down from the mid-range and three but can also get to the basket well. Chatman was one of the better scorers at the 16U level. 

Owen Freeman – 2023 – F – Mid Pro Academy
After missing the first few weeks of the spring season, Freeman has quickly made up for lost time with a few great tournaments recently. Even as a 6’10” sophomore, he has plenty of skill and moves very well for his size to play at a high level on both ends. He’s a dominant post scorer but can also hit some jumpers and put the ball on the floor. He is a skilled shot blocker and was also one of the better rebounders at the 16U level. He currently holds an offer from Illinois and don’t be surprised to see him get some more Big 10 offers in the near future. 

Bobby McWard – 2023 – G – 3D Empire
Throughout the weekend, McWard proved he was one of the top shooters at the tournament. He moves well without the ball and has a quick release to be able to get himself good looks. In a single game, McWard hit a remarkable nine three pointers, hitting several tough contested shots too.  

Will Mlynek – 2023 – F/C – Drive5 Elite
Mlynek is a 6’10” post with a solid build. He is a strong post scorer that can score over or right through defenders. Once he gets the ball near the basket, he is incredibly tough to stop and was even scoring through double teams. He also scored the ball in transition has he continuously ran the floor hard beating defender down the court. 

Dillon Mong – 2023 – G – Drive5 Elite
Mong is a wing guard with a nice combination of size at 6’7” to go along with good skills to be a tough matchup. He moves well for his size with the ball to score it very effectively going to the basket but can also knock down some jumpers. With his strength and length, he is a very good finisher around the basket. With all his abilities, he can impact the game in a number of ways. 

Wesley Rubin – 2023 – F – Meanstreets
Rubin was one of the more dominant post scorers at the tournament. He is an aggressive power forward that plays hard. At 6’8” with his strength he was simply overpowering defenders to score inside often while positing up and just could not be stopped by a single defender. As well to his paint play, he can also play on the perimeter and put the ball on the floor. 

Jalen Smith – 2023 – G/F – SW Illinois Jets
A smooth wing with a good versatile skill set. Smith scores the ball very well going to the basket, getting all the way into the paint in addition to hitting shots pulling up in the mid-range. As well, the wing is a very tough rebounder that battles on the glass plus is a good versatile defender that can match up with 1-4. 

Karson Templin – 2023 – F – Pro Skills 
A tough 6’7” power forward with a big motor that plays at a high level on both ends of the floor. He’s a tough paint scorer with good moves posting up but also scored spotting up from three and rolling to the basket. Even while putting up plenty of points, his biggest contribution may have been on the defensive side. He defends the paint well as a true rim protector.