For college coaches of all levels this was a must watch event. Here are some players that coaches will want to be checking out the tournament game film on. 

Camron Amboree – 2022 – G – 3D Empire
Amboree is a skilled point guard that can score and distribute the ball well. The 6’1” junior is a very good passer that sees the floor well and is a good quick decision maker. Amboree scored it well driving to the basket but can also shoot it well spotting up from three. Over the weekend, he received an offer from Oral Roberts University. 

Robbie Avila – 2022 – F – Meanstreets
Avila is a very skilled and high IQ 6’9” power forward that always comes to play and contributes in many ways. He continues to impress with his skill set as he shoots the ball well from three, is one of the better passing big men, and plays with good energy. He has a good list of offers from mid-majors, and more should be checking him out this summer. 

Rashawn Bost – 2022 – G – IL Future
The active guard was scoring the ball at a high rate from all over the floor. He has good quickness and shifty moves to maneuver around defenders and get into the paint often. He is a good crafty finisher with a nice runner plus finishes well in traffic. He also scored the ball well from the outside hitting some threes. 

Alex Ferrell – 2022 – G – Houston Flight
The 6’2” guard scored the ball at a high level throughout the weekend. He’s a tough driver that battles through contact and finishes strong inside but can also shoot it well from the outside. Ferrell has a smooth jumper to shoot it a high percentage when spotting up on the perimeter. 

Ethyn Brown – 2021 – G – SW IL Jets
An athletic point guard that is at his best attacking the basket. He is quick with the ball and has good handle to often be getting into the paint. Brown scored the ball well around the paint but also shined with his distributing ability. He has good vision and pushes the ball well.  

Jaylen Drane – 2022 – G – Mac Irvin Fire
The point guard really stood out with his distributing ability. Drane does a great job attacking the defense to create for his teammates. He sees the floor extremely well on the move, always knows where to go with it, and makes on target passes. In addition to his distributing, he can score the ball attacking the basket plus defends the ball well.  

Jordan Guzman – 2022 – G – Texas Tar Heels
One of the better distributors at the 17U level of the tournament. He has a very good passing ability as well as great vision to really create for his teammates. He maneuvers exceptionally well with the ball and is always scanning the floor. While he impressed the most with his passing, he can also shoot the ball from three. 

Kamren Ingram – 2022 – G – Team Temple
A lengthy guard that plays well off the dribble. He moves well with the ball and accelerates to the basket. He scores it effectively at the basket but also showed a nice array of floaters and runner to finish over big men around the paint. As well to his scoring he is a good distributor the passes the ball well on the moves and is an unselfish player. 

DJ Smith – 2022 – G – Pro Skills
The point guard is an electric playmaker. He moves exceptionally well with the basketball and is very good off the bounce attacking the defense with good acceleration. Smith scores the ball very well going to the basket and is a good decision maker with the ball in his hands. 

Kaleb Taylor – 2022 – F – PB Nation
An athletic and mobile 6’10” power forward with unlimited upside. Taylor is an elite rim protector that patrols the paint so well and blocks or alters anything near the basket. As well to being one of the top shot blockers, Taylor was a good aggressive rebounder on both ends. He plays with good physicality and finishes strong at the basket.