The Kentucky Expo Center was packed with talent this past weekend from wall to wall at every age group and the 16U level was no exception. Hare the top performers from the 16U division for the Grassroots Showcase. 

Kuol Atak – 2024 – PF – 3D Empire

Atak is a great place to start this list as he was phenomenal all weekend long. For anyone who saw much of his play in Louisville, it is easy to see why he was awarded underclassmen MVP honors. There is so much to like about the sophomore’s game with his ability to handle the ball and get to the rim, score with his back to the basket, and he shot the ball extremely well all weekend long spotting up from three. Doing all of this while standing at 6’8” with good length and agility. There are going to be some college programs upset they didn’t get on him earlier. 

Markus Blackwell – 2025 – PG – Reach Legends

Even while playing up a level, Blackwell was one of the top guards at the 16U level of the tournament. He had a tremendous performance on Saturday scoring 21 points to lead his team to a win over a good Team Trezz. A talented all-around guard with good scoring ability that plays well with the ball in his hands as well as spotting up from the outside in addition to being a tough on ball defender. 

Camren Daniels – 2024 – SG – Wildcats Elite

Not only did Daniels put up 23 points in his opening game of the tournament but also stood out on the defensive end as well. The wing guard is a knockdown spot up shooter with deep range but also can get to the basket and create for himself in the mid-range. A versatile defender that showed the ability to play big at 6’4” defending the inside but also can match up out on the perimeter. Daniels has a nice well-rounded game and can do so much on the floor. 

Ty Fernholz – 2024 – SG – Wisconsin Blizzard

While Fernholz had a very good weekend during the first live period, he was even better this tournament. He started the tournament with a 22-point performance hitting six threes and just continued his high level of play from there. Not just a pure shooter, the guard has a quality all-around game and continues to be one of the better 2024 guards on the association. 

Brody Kosin – 2024 – PF – North Oakland Wolfpack

A physical and aggressive power forward that was one of the more dominant inside players at the 16U level. He stands at 6’7” but plays even bigger inside simply overpowering opposing players. Once he got the ball near the basket, he could not be stopped finishing right through and over defenders completing multiple and one plays. He uses his size but also some good post moves. 

Azavier Robinson – 2025 – G – George Hill All Indy

Tournament after tournament, game after game, Robinson continues to play at an extremely high level. He is an athletic playmaking guard that does so much on the floor. He has great moves off the dribble moving so well with the ball to continuously get to the basket. Much more than just a driver however, he can also knock down shots from three, passes the ball well, and is a tough and active on ball defender. 

Rob Sorensen – 2024 – SG – Kyle Guy Elite

Sorensen put together another good scoring tournament. After putting up some good numbers in Indianapolis, the sophomore scored it even better in Louisville with a 27-point game. A pure shooter who knows how to play and continues to be one of the top three-point marksmen on the association also with the ability to create his own shot. 

Patrick Still – 2024 – SG – 24Up

Still had himself another good tournament including 24- and 17-point games. The sophomore continues to showcase his high overall game and scoring ability. He shot the ball well spotting up from the outside with deep range but also played well off the dribble getting to the basket. The guard just continuously makes winning plays to help his team. 

Gavin Van Wie – 2024 – SG – Wisconsin Swing

Van Wie continues to be one of the more productive players at the 16U level. He has a nice all-around skill set and has added some strength to his 6’4” frame. He scored the ball effectively over the course of the tournament, shooting it well spotting up from three. The wing guard also contributed with his versatile defensive play and being big on the glass on both ends.