A hotly contested 14U division at the 2011 NY2LA Sports Invitational last month featured teams from across the Midwest and when the final buzzer sounded it was Net Gain Sports from Minnesota led by Sam Neuman who captured the coveted 14U Platinum Championship.  Neuman headlines the 14U All-Tournament team today as we recap the 14U division from last month’s tournament…

14U Platinum Champions – Net Gain Sports (MN)
14U Platinum 2nd Place – Wisconsin Playground Warriors (WI)
14U Gold Champions – Lakeshore Lakers (WI)
14U Gold 2nd Place – Team Get Shook White (MN)

14U Most Outstanding Player – Sam Neuman – Net Gain Sports (MN)

14U All-Tournament Team
Sam Neuman (Net Gain Sports), Jerome Dixon (Net Gain Sports), Sacar Anim (Net Gain Sports), Kyler Briggity (Net Gain Sports), Brevin Pritzl (WI Playground Warriors), Tanner Bruchs (WI Playground Warriors), Mason Domask (WI Playground Warriors), Blake Marquardt (Randolph), Nick Noskowiak (Randolph), Anthony Carver (Wisconsin Hoyas), Stephen Brown (Wisconsin Hoyas), Evan Shepard (Minneapolis Select), Amir Coffey (Minneapolis Select), Ben Boots (WI Blizzard Boots), Sam Plucker (WI Blizzard Boots), Tyrell Steward (WI Bulldogs), Tywon Bressler (WI Bulldogs), Kyle Monroe (Fox Valley Swing), Trevor Entwisle (Fox Valley Swing), Matt Heldt (Lakeshore Lakers), Alex Bucholz (Lakeshore Lakers), Deshay Bear (Team Get Shook White), Matt Bridges (Illinois Select), Andrew Davis (DTA Spartans)

14U Top Performers
(Note – Listed in alphabetical order)

Jawill Aldridge – Derrick Rose All-Stars
Sacar Anim – Net Gain Sports
Deshay Bear – Team Get Shook White
Keenan Bell – DTA Spartans
Carter Belling – WI Playground Warriors
Carter Bermeister – Team Get Shook White
Joe Binyoti – Wisconsin Hoyas
Ben Boots – Wisconsin Blizzard Boots
Levi Bradley – TP Elite
Jacob Brazea – Fox Valley Swing
Tywon Bressler – Wisconsin Bulldogs
Matt Bridges – Illinois Select
Kyler Briggity – Net Gain Sports
Ethan Brinkman – Lakeshore Lakers
Stephen Brown – Wisconsin Hoyas
Tanner Bruchs – Wisconsin Playground Warriors
Alex Bucholz – Lakeshore Lakers
Deshawn Burks – NESYB
Anthony Campbell – Chicago Select
Drayton Carlberg – Net Gain Sports
Anthony Carver – Wisconsin Hoyas
Amir Coffey – Minneapolis Select
Karim Cole – DTA Spartans
Andy Connelly – WI Blizzard Boots
Jerome Cummings – TP Elite
Andrew Davis – DTA Spartans
Jerome Dixon – Net Gain Sports
Zac Doersch – WI Blizzard Boots
Mason Domask – WI Playground Warriors
Johnathan Duffy – WI Shooters
Brandon Eckford – WI Bulldogs
Trevor Entwisle – Fox Valley Swing
Gary Green – Illinois Crush
Charlie Greif – WI Shooters
Zeke Gueths – WI Playground Warriors
Ellis Hammer – Team Get Shook White
Jacob Hansen – TNBA
Josh Hau – Randolph
Matt Heldt – Lakeshore Lakers
Robert Hill – Illinois Blue Demons
Marcus Hussey – Illinois Crush
Graham Hutson – Minneapolis Select
Cal Jarrett – Illinois Magic
Kamari Jones – Illinois Blue Demons
Joe Kopriva – WI Shooters
Blake Marquardt – Randolph
Treonte Mason – DTA Spartans
Haywood Merrill – WI Bulldogs
Kyle Monroe – Fox Valley Swing
Edward Morrow – Chicago Select
Zack Nelsen – TP Elite
Sam Neuman – Net Gain Sports
Deonte Newsome – Wisconsin Hoyas
Evan Nolan – TNBA
Nick Noskowiak – Randolph
Griff Oleszczuk – WI Bulldogs
T.J. Pitsch – Lakeshore Lakers
Sam Plucker – WI Blizzard Boots
Brevin Pritzl – WI Playground Warriors
Marco Rucker – WI Bulldogs
JT Ruffin – NESYB
Luis Saafir – WI Shooters
Evan Shepard – Minneapolis Select
Joshua Stamps – Derrick Rose All-Stars
Jordan Steckler – Lakeshore Lakers
Tyrell Steward – WI Bulldogs
Seth Taylor – Randolph
Logan Theisen – Lakeshore Lakers
Jacob Tuttle – Illinois Select
Austin Weyenberg – WI Blizzard Boots
Antonio White – Team Get Shook White
Mahir Williams – Derrick Rose All-Stars
Joey Witthus – TNBA
Nic Young – Illinois Select

Note – All 12U, 13U, and 14U top performers (i.e. 2015-2017) prospects in the 2011 Swish N’ Dish Spring Warm-Up and 2011 NY2LA Sports Invitational are invited to attend the 2011 Generation Next All-Star Camp August 5-7, 2011 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  For more information on the camp CLICK HERE