The 2012 Swish ‘N Dish Spring Warm-Up tipped this past weekend in the state of Wisconsin and after an explosive few days of hoops action the dust settled and championships were decided on the final day.  Today we begin our recap of the 2012 Swish ‘N Dish Spring Warm-Up with a look at the various champions from this past weekend…

17U Showcase Platinum Champions – Meanstreets (IL)
17U Showcase Platinum Runner-Up – Wisconsin Swing (WI)

17U Showcase Gold Champions – Team NLP TL (IL)
17U Showcase Gold Runner-Up – Minnesota Magic (MN)

17U Showcase Silver Champions – Playground Elite (WI)
17U Showcase Silver Runner-Up – Milwaukee Rebels (WI)

17U Elite Champions – Magic Extreme Hoops (MO)
17U Elite Runner-Up – Iowa Pump N’ Run Price (IA)

16U Showcase Platinum Champions – St. Louis Eagles (MO)
16U Showcase Platinum Runner-Up – Mac Irvin Fire (IL)

16U Showcase Gold Champions – Team NLP (IL)
16U Showcase Gold Runner-Up – Playground Elite (WI)

16U Showcase Silver Champions – Illinois Wolves (IL)
16U Showcase Silver Runner-Up – Wisconsin Blizzard (WI)

16U Elite Champions – DW Wildcats (WI)
16U Elite Runner-Up – MP Elite (WI)

15U Platinum Champions – Playground Elite (WI)
15U Platinum Runner-Up – Illinois Wolves (IL)

15U Gold Champions – Meanstreets (IL)
15U Gold Runner-Up – Peoria Irish (IL)

14U Platinum Champions – Playground Elite J.Smith (WI)
14U Platinum Runner-Up – CIA Bounce (Canada)

14U Gold Champions – DTA Spartans (WI)
14U Gold Runner-Up – Wisconsin Bulldogs (WI)

13U Platinum Champions – Playground Elite Debakker (WI)
13U Platinum Runner-Up – Illinois T-Wolves (IL)

12U Platinum Champions – Rytes Warriors (TX)
12U Platinum Runner-Up – Ramey Basketball (MO)

11U Platinum Champions – All-Ohio Red (OH)
11U Platinum Runner-Up – Illinois Raptors (IL)

10U Platinum Champions – WI Playground Warriors (WI)
10U Platinum Runner-Up – Kingdom Hoops Elite (IA)

9U Platinum Champions – All Ohio Red (OH)
9U Platinum Runner-Up – Illinois Rising Stars Red (IL)

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